Error 0x00000015???

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asked Jun 30, 2014 by Ryan (300 points)
edited Jun 30, 2014 by Ryan
I read online a lot about this problem with HP LJ printer models, the scanning gives me this error code 0x00000015 - I found no answers online, I tried to call the tech support but they said I'll have to purchase a warranty from them, but I am not rich and I can't afford that. So can anyone help me here?

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answered Jul 3, 2014 by Arifin (1,390 points)
Hello Ryan

It seems to me that this is windows problem, You can fix this problem easily following the given steps:

First click on the "start" button

In the search box, type "services.msc" or  "services"

Go to the given services and enable them. To enable the services, click right button on the services and change the setting to AUTOMATIC.

DCOM Server Process Launcer

Shell Hardware Detection

RPC Endpoint Mapper

Remote Procedure Call(RPC)

You will get your desired result. Try it now.


Arifin Sujon
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answered Jul 11, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)
Good one Arifin, very impressive, but you just missed on one more point after trying all these steps just locate  'Windows Image Acquisition' (WIA) in 'services' obviously, now - stop - that service and start it back again, would help a lot, thanks. is a free printing support and help site for 2d and 3d printers. Ask and answer printing questions in Citrix printing, terminal server printing, 2d printing, 3d printing or any printing related problems and more. Register for free and earn points for questions, answers and posts. Printing help is always 100% free.