Is there a fix for this error code - 800701203 - ??

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asked Jul 26, 2014 in 2D Error Reports by HoneyB (140 points)
Is there a fix for this error code - 800701203 - please?? Looks more like a phone number to me? Do I call this number or what? Hopefully it will connect me to the tech support team. But till then I am hoping I'll find some solution here for this. I don't have Google at workplace, for some reason I was able to access this website, this is the one site which is not blocked at my office. By the way I have HP Photosmart printer and I bought it in 2009 and this error comes up when I try to update the drivers, please help? Thank you in advance.

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answered Jul 28, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)
Yes HoneyB,
we are here to help, but did you upgrade your DOS by any chance?
Anyway try this, hopefully it will fix:-
Delete your printer, don't freak out, I am not asking you to destroy your printer with a gun!
GOTO Start, Search type "Devices and Printers"
Right click your existing printer and click remove
Install everything again and try updating your drivers now.
Get back to me when it's done/


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answered Jul 28, 2014 by Brian Cultz (290 points)
Also Miss B,
Check this link out
It always comes in handy. is a free printing support and help site for 2d and 3d printers. Ask and answer printing questions in Citrix printing, terminal server printing, 2d printing, 3d printing or any printing related problems and more. Register for free and earn points for questions, answers and posts. Printing help is always 100% free.