"Wrong Catridge Error"

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asked Jul 28, 2014 in 2D Error Reports by Roger that (120 points)
My printer is giving me a wrong cartridge error, what does that mean? I called support and they are so desperate on selling a new printer to me. This is not some regular error with a code, it's different and it is asking me to install some introductory heads. I was getting an error code before "0xc18a0206" like this so I had to reset it. But just what do you mean by "Wrong cartridge" now?
I am done cleaning the contacts several times and I ain't cleaning it again. Please help me here will ya?

1 Answer

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answered Aug 7, 2014 by Raph Cole (1,110 points)
Check if your head or the board is not damaged, and if you have already performed a reset contact Your manufacturer again and this time ask for the introductory kits ( I am assuming you have HP). So best of luck.
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