(Article 1a) Things you should know about ‘3d Live Filament Extinction’ (3dLFE).

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asked Aug 6, 2014 in 3D Printer Maintenance by Super_Admin (8,660 points)
Did you know that running out of filament while printing could cause serious damage to the extruder and it can melt the mounts, resulting to even a burn down?

I have noticed that 'watching your printer' while printing is a big concern nowadays.

The question which comes to mind first is how strongly your extruder is held?
If it’s not strong enough then you can get into trouble.

Try to cut out looped filament which goes through the spool, that way you can reduce damage, that way you can bring the damage percentage to few or no damage, while the filament disappears.

Another question is how do you know that you have enough filaments or stuffing in there?
How to ensure that it won't cause any problem, when I leave it all by itself?

Well, I think that’s the question to be asked here, and is a question of debate.
Some would suggest switching printers, or least about some software’s, but can we afford them? Is it worth it?

As far as I know, yes it is!

We want to 3dprint, on top of that we want it done from the comfort of our home; so we can atleast take some initiative by not putting the lives of our loved ones at home in danger.

We can do that by researching online about Calculation software’s, software’s which will tell us or warn us beforehand with a notification that ‘yes the material will soon die’.
We must always be alert.
Know the weight of the Spool, the empty spool, and learn to be calculative.

Cura, Pronterface are some good ones out there.
Slicer on the other hand shows the exact amount of filament used, that makes calculations easy.

Learn all that and most importantly, be a ‘3d vigilant’.



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