What is a cheap 3d printer i can buy?

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asked Apr 9, 2014 in 3D Printing by Steve Ww
Hi, i was thinking about buying a 3d printer but really don't want to pay a huge amount of money for one.
can anyone suggest a good but affordable 3d printer i can buy that is under $500.

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answered Apr 9, 2014 by ps_admin (680 points)

Hi Steve, if you not in too much of a hurry to get one. 

A company called M3d has launched an ultra-cheap 3D printer on Kickstarter achieving its target goal in just 11 minutes. Some say that this could be first mass market version of the technology to ordinary consumers. For $299 you can get it as the reward for backing the venture.

Here are some exciting prospects about the 3d printer;

1. Most space-efficient 3D printer ever made.  
2. Light-weight, portable design fits nicely on your desk. 
3. Micro motion chip provides completely automatic leveling and calibration. 
4. Most quiet 3D printer ever made.
5. Lowest power consumption 3D printer ever made.
6. Carbon fiber rods: light, sturdy, self-lubricating and long-lasting 
7. Ceramic heater for rapid heat-up, power efficiency, reliability and safety. 
8. Bold colors. Choose from Silver, Black, Blue, RedOrange, and Green.
9. New filament materials like Chameleon PLA.
10. Inspirational Micro filament spools.
11. Modernized touch-capable software.
12. Replaceable print beds for alternative materials.
13. Replaceable nozzles for experimenters.
14. Designed for fast assembly in the US for quality control.
15. An ABS-based print bed allows you to print larger ABS parts.

I've backed the project and excited to receive it when they get it made.

You get one ordered for yourself by backing the project, but please hurry because its for a limited time. 




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