Printer Offline message issue!!

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asked Aug 15, 2014 in 2D Error Reports by Winia (130 points)
This HP inkjet printer is set as my default printer, I am still able to do things with it but my computer with windows says that it may be offline. How do I fix this?

When I check in the settings its not listed and I don't have any other printers.
The router detects it as online but not the computer, it can't connect to the computer it's offline.

Steps I have tried includes:- restarting spooler from services, checking the ports for loose connections and I have also restarted computer, printer, router everything several times, still no go.

Please assist me with this. How to come out of this offline thing and make it go online??

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answered Oct 13, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)

Hello Winia!

Did you try Hard Reset, I understand you unplugged the connections and plugged it back but you still failed right? Well hard reset is very similar to this and fixes common problems like these. check it out!

Hard Reset

- Disconnect everything from your printer (unplug all the connections)

- Press and hold the power button (your printer power button) for atleast 15 seconds and then release it.

- Connect it back up and power on.

Next Download this "HP Print and Scan Doctor" (This is an Auto-BOT, which troubleshoots)

Download utility

Next wait for the results and let me know, I'll be waiting.



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answered Oct 13, 2014 by Raph Cole (1,110 points)
Hello Winia!

You should also check in 'devices and printers' - by 'right clicking your printer' then choosing 'printer' from the 'queue menu' - You will find out whether the 'Printer Offline' option is enabled or disabled. If it is checked please uncheck it, that should solve it too.

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