Envelopes of different sizes just don't print right with this printer, how can I get this printer to print them perfectly?

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asked Aug 20, 2014 in 2D Printing Problems by Sujoy B (120 points)
I want to know how to print envelopes on this wireless printer, half the time they come out misaligned. I am pretty sure that the settings are correct. It also jams while throwing the envelopes out sometimes, it's very frustrating you know.
It takes the envelopes in, accepts it but then doesn't recognize it. I didn't know that printing some personal information on the card could take so much time, this company is bad and it rips off people. Help me with this.

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answered Oct 14, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)
Hello Sujoy!

Open the document you want to print.
Then goto File - Print
Click Setup, Properties, or Preferences.
Then Click the Features tab.
Next select 'More' from the Paper sizes list in the options pane and select right sizes.
Then select the paper like 'Plain Paper' OK
You can do more things in the setting as per your needs
Lastly, OKAY to Print.


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